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After doing Soulmate readings for many years, I decided to publish the most Empowering Webinar: How to manifest your Highest and Best, Most Compatible, Divine Soulmate! This webinar is designed for everyone who wants AMAZING LOVE. 🙂

Welcome to the Soulmate Webinar.

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Tarot Spreads with Prayer Commands.

This book aims at helping the Seeker connecting deeper with the Tarot. The obstacle in reading the tarot is not so much a lack of understanding tarot card meanings, instead, it is using poorly adjusted spreads that don’t ask the right questions. The spreads in this book are Custom Made to empower the Seeker figuring out who they are on a deeper level.

I have added specific Prayer Commands to help the Seeker in the process of self-development, healing, and manifesting. For example, there is a Command Prayer to meet and connect with highest and best, most compatible, divine soulmate, for those who are serious about finding lasting love in their life.

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