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Tarot Webinar July 22nd, 2017

Free Tarot Webinar on July 22nd, 2017. In this week's free tarot webinar, I answer questions about blocks to love, and also I do relationship numerology readings. Below is the free webinar. Learn how you can find and remove your own blocks to love. What to expect in this [...]

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Free Lenormand Card Reading

Get a Free Lenormand Card Reading Here Below is a video spinning the 36 Lenormand cards over and over again. This is how you get your reading. Step 1. Think of your question.  Step 2. Play the video and hover the cursor over the video.  Step 3. Close your eyes and when you are [...]

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How do I really Feel about him her

What Do I really Feel about You ~ A spread to reveal true feelings This spread is a remake of the popular 'What does he/she feel about me' Tarot spread. In that spread, you are finding out what someone feels about you, and now you are looking at what you are truly feeling about someone [...]

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Tarot Webinar July 11th 2017

Free Tarot Webinar July 11th, 2017 In this week's free tarot webinar, I answer questions about life and life purpose, and I explain some Arrows techniques. Arrows are card combination divided into 9 rules. You can learn the Arrow technique here.  Below is the Free Webinar. You will learn how to read the tarot [...]

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Numerology Life Path Bonus

Numerology Life Path Bonus Example ~ Real Reading As part of the Star Crossed Lovers Synastry Reports, you will also receive a custom Numerology Life Path Bonus between you and your love interest. Below is a real example of a Numerology Life Path Reading Bonus (names changed for privacy reasons). X, you are a 9 [...]

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