Tarot Combinations Daily Readings

Learn tarot combinations from my daily tarot readings. Subscribe to my youtube channel to keep learning. 5 out of 7 days a week, I do daily tarot readings. You, the Seeker, pick a card combination from 3 piles. Each pile has 3 cards in them. I interpret the 3-card combinations and you get a personalized [...]

Tarot Combinations from daily tarot readings

Tarot Combinations from tarot tutorials week 17/18 8 of cups with 4 of wands crossing. This card combination speaks of not feeling grounded while on a spiritual path. You might feel a lack of control, and you might be tempted to even abandon your spirituality. The best thing you can do is to have a [...]

How will you meet your Soulmate with the Zodiac spread

How will you meet your soulmate using the Zodiac spread The Zodiac spread is the best tool to find out How you will meet your Soulmate. The Zodiac spread looks at every aspect of your life, and when romance cards show up in the houses, this is the area of your life that [...]