Donkey Spirit Animal

Donkey is represented by Page of Swords Tarot Card Donkey Spirit signifies the true meaning of Being of Service without losing your individuality. Donkey Spirit teaches eagerness and intelligence. Donkey helps those who wants to be of service in their own unique way, to create something wonderful and then share it with others. Donkey Spirit aids those with [...]

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Alligator Spirit Animal

Alligator is represented by Four of Swords Tarot Card Alligator Spirit signifies patience and regeneration. Alligator Spirit protects from manipulation and teaches how to bid your time for best result. Alligator Spirit gives you the Power to Survive. Alligator Spirit teaches to be mindful what you consume; physically, spiritually and intellectually. Alligator helps you digest slowly, thus calming [...]

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Dove Spirit Animal

Dove is represented by Knight of Cups Tarot Card Dove Spirit signifies being the bringer of love and peace. Dove Spirit teaches gentleness and the appreciation of the simple things in life. Dove helps people communicate in a way that brings union, joy, love and peace to the World. Dove helps people rid themselves of thoughts and emotions [...]

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Salmon Spirit Animal

Salmon is represented by the Hermit Tarot Card Salmon Spirit signifies spiritual wisdom and the ability to swim against the current to reach Source; meaning connecting and being one with All That Is. The Salmon is considered the wisest of animals. Salmon spirit teaches how you can swim against the current using reverse current flowing beneath the [...]

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Badger Spirit Animal

Badger is represented by Strength Tarot Card Badger Spirit signifies the path from insecure to confident. Badger is the teacher of owning your path and owning who you are. Badger signifies going after what you want until you have it, and doing what it takes to achieve. When Badger is in your life you might find yourself more [...]

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