Crow Spirit Animal

Crow is represented by Queen of Wands Tarot Card Crow Spirit signifies paying attention to Omens and an interest in the Occult. Crow helps you live a life with integrity and is the Spirit Animal for those who want to teach others. Crow Spirit aids in clearing your mind to see what it is you want to manifest. [...]

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Bear Spirit Animal

Bear is represented by Eight of Cups Tarot Card Bear Spirit signifies going inward and choosing a path which is truly fulfilling. Bear is linked to the Ursa Major star constellation symbolizing following your star and reaching for the stars. You might be drawn towards the Northern Hemisphere when Bear Spirit is guiding you. Bear Spirit helps you know [...]

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Elephant Spirit Animal

Elephant is represented by King of Cups Tarot Card Elephant Spirit signifies being loyal, especially to family. Elephant Spirit helps you understand yourself better, and to help yourself before you attempt helping others. Elephant Spirit aids those in the medical, science and research field. Elephant Spirit teaches how to learn and retain knowledge, and to stay committed to [...]

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Dolphin Spirit Animal

Dolphin is represented by Four of Wands Tarot Card Dolphin Spirit signifies being able to live in two worlds at once. Dolphin teaches how to balance serious tasks with joyful play. Dolphin Spirit helps you practice more love and joy into your daily life. Dolphin aids those who care for the sick, for children and people who for whatever [...]

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Eagle Spirit Animal

Eagle is represented by the Hierophant Tarot Card Eagle Spirit signify messages from heaven. When Eagle flies into your life it is time to connect deeper to your spiritual life. Eagle Spirit helps you see what is important. Eagle Spirit teaches you to rise above what is dragging you down. It is time to listen carefully to your intuition, as you [...]

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