Wolf Spirit Animal

Wolf is represented by the World Tarot Card Wolf Spirit signifies being on a journey to master something. Wolf spirit assists the student of life to become the best version of themselves. Wolf helps people who are experiencing their dark night of the Soul. Wolf howls to your Moon (your fears and illusions) to wake you up and [...]

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Swan spirit animal

Swan is represented by Ace of Cups Tarot Card Swan Spirit signify embracing beauty and grace as part of your everyday life. Swan helps you get in touch with your inner poet. Swan spirit helps you out of the mundane and into the world of art and love. The Swan teaches how to express your Soul's desire through [...]

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Fox Spirit Animal

Fox is represented by Two of Swords Tarot Card Fox Spirit signify the ability to wait for the right moment before you act. Fox helps you strike at the right time and in the right way to have the best result. Fox picks at a problem with persistence until it falls apart, and helps you solve your own [...]

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Bat Spirit Animals

Bat is represented by the Star Tarot Card Bat Spirit signifies letting go of unhealthy ego, and you are called to put your efforts wholeheartedly towards spiritual development. The Bat denotes rebirth from the cave you have been hiding yourself in. Bats are very sociable animals, and you are encouraged to make connections in your life with like-minded people. [...]

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Frog Spirit Animal

Frog is represented by Two of Cups Tarot Card Frog Spirit signifies empathy and helping others cleanse from negative emotions. Frog helps healers and counsellors. Frog teaches the ability to relate to others, and being there for others. Frog helps people empower themselves. Frog Spirit teaches emotional healing, and accepting yourself flaws and all. Frog assists in the leaping into creativity and [...]

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