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Synastry Tarot Spread

Synastry (Compatibility) Tarot Spread You can learn more about Synastry on our Synastry blog here.  Have you ever wondered how you can feel like you have known a stranger forever, while others are like a complete stranger to you? In this tarot spread, we look the Synastry or Compatibility between two people. This tarot spread can [...]

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Valentines tarot spread

Valentines tarot spread Valentine is about secret admirers and sweethearts. It is a time to treasure each other's company and to enjoy each other. Below is two spreads. Valentine's secret admirer spread and Valentine's sweetheart spread. Valentine secret admirer. The tarot cards for having a secret admirer are The High Priestess, the Fool, the Moon, [...]

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What tarot card am I tarot spread

What tarot card am I ~ Tarot spread This is a good spread to use when you want to understand different aspects of your personality. Shuffle and cut the deck. Lay out the cards in the following Seven card positions.  Card 1. What tarot card am I in friendship? Card 2. What tarot card am [...]

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Should I Travel There Tarot Spread

Should I Travel There Tarot Spread Sometimes circumstance will come up and may lead you to travel and/or relocate, thus this is a tarot spread that will help you determine if you should travel there. Will your life benefit by going there? Are there any hidden dangers? Think of your question and shuffle and cut [...]

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Twin Flame Tarot Spread

Twin Flame Tarot spread. Twin flame signifies Two people with One heart and One mind. The tarot will tell you when your Twin flame is near. Tarot Spread for Manifesting your Twin Flame. In a tarot reading, the Twin Flame can be shown as the Two of cups tarot card. The card combination of the [...]

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