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Death tarot card

The traditional meaning of Death tarot card is endings. Death signifies transformation of some kind.

Learn more about Death tarot card meanings here. 

Death in the Grand Tableau

Death in Fool position: New beginning coming to an end.

Death in Magician position: Miscommunication, end of communication, skill shortage.

Death in High Priestess position: Confusion, intuition blocked.

Death in Empress position: Ending of a caring role, changes to your home. Changes to your abundance.

Death in Emperor position: Change of leadership.

Death in Hierophant position: End of tradition. Changes in a marriage. Divorce.

Death in Lovers position: Changes in a relationship. Endings in a relationship.

Death in Chariot position: Changes in direction. Settling down.

Death in Strength: End of courage. End of passion.

Death in Hermit: Change of teacher. End of teaching. Out with the old, in with the new.

Death in Wheel of Fortune: Changes to your destiny.

Death in Justice: Taxes. End of a trial. Change of rules/laws.

Death in Hanged Man: End of delays.

Death in Death: Depression. Many endings.

Death in Temperance: End of moderation. Patience running out.

Death in Devil: End of obsession. End of addictions.

Death in Tower: End of troubles.

Death in Star: End of inspiration. Changes to future plans.

Death in Moon: Light at the end of the tunnel.

Death in Sun: End of optimism.

Death in Judgement: End of reputation.

Death in World: A completion.

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