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Elephant Spirit Animal

Elephant is represented by King of Cups Tarot Card

Elephant Spirit signifies being loyal, especially to family. Elephant Spirit helps you understand yourself better, and to help yourself before you attempt helping others. Elephant Spirit aids those in the medical, science and research field. Elephant Spirit teaches how to learn and retain knowledge, and to stay committed to your course.

Elephant Spirit teaches the discernment on when to be tough and when to be gentle. Elephant Spirit aids in telepathic communication, and teaches how to truly listen. Elephant people hear what you really are saying, even if you don’t use the right words.

Elephant Medicine



Gentle giant





Becoming an Expert

Staying committed

Caring for the young




Elephant as a teacher

Elephant teaches you to be loyal and to protect those you love. Elephant Spirit helps heal family wounding. Elephant Spirit aids those who strive to become experts within their fields. Elephant Spirit connects you to your own wisdom and strength. Elephant Spirit helps you get recognized for the good work  you are doing.

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