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lenormand card 33 key


Key Lenormand Card Meaning

The meaning of the thirty-third lenormand card, key, is importance.

Key Lenormand Card In The Grand Tableau.

Key in Rider position: Important new information.

Key in Clover position: Necessary luck.

Key in Ship position: Important trip.

Key in House position: House key. Important house/family.

Key in Tree position: Key to good health.

Key in Clouds position: Needing to get more clarity.

Key in Snake position: Important lie.

Key in Coffin position: Important end. Necessary closure.

Key in Bouquet position: The key to happiness.

Key in Scythe position: Important surgery. Important decision.

Key in Whip position: Important discussion. Necessary argument.

Key in Birds position: Important couple. Influential couple.

Key in Child position: Important child.

Key in Fox position: Important job.

Key in Bear position: Important boss. Power position. Good leadership.

Key in Star position: Important dream.

Key in Stork position: Important changes. Stable outcome.

Key in Dog position: Important friendship.

Key in Tower position: Important government department. Important cooperate.

Key in Garden position: Important event.

Key in Mountain position: Important delays.

Key in Crossroad position: Important choices.

Key in Mice position: Distraction from what is important.

Key in Heart position: The key to someone’s heart.

Key in Ring position: Important marriage. Important contract.

Key in Book position: Focus on study. Important study.

Key in Letter position: Important mail.

Key in Man position: Important man.

Key in Woman position: Important woman

Key in Lily position: Important older person.

Key in Sun position: Key to success.

Key in Moon position: Key to creativity.

Key in Key position: Focusing on what is important.

Key in Fish position: Important business.

Key in Anchor position: Stability is important.

Key in Cross position: Religious beliefs are important. An important sacrifice.

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