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King of swords

King of Swords tarot card

The traditional meaning of King of swords tarot card is Perfectionism. King of swords often signifies having mastered a skill and having great success professionally.

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King of Swords in the grand tableau

King of swords in Ace of swords: Becoming a master. Mastering a new skill.

King of swords in Two of swords: Mastering negotiation and diplomacy. Mastering objectivity.

King of swords in Three of swords: Manipulating facts. Cruel in love.

King of swords in Four of swords: Meditation master. Doctor. Health care worker.

King of swords in Five of swords: A warrior. A competitor. A tyrant.

King of swords in Six of swords: A scientist. A navigator. A mathematician.

King of swords in Seven of swords: Mastering self-management. Preferring to work alone. A marketing genius.

King of swords in Eight of swords: Autism. A hidden genius.

King of swords in Nine of swords: Psychiatrist. Psychologist. Control-freak.

King of swords in Ten of swords: Forensic detective. Acupuncture. Retiring.

King of swords in Page of swords: A talented surgeon. A master detective.

King of swords in Knight of swords: A CEO. A general. Top of an organisation.

King of swords in Queen of swords: Finding your perfect match career wise.

King of swords in King of swords: Much success.

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