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Nine of Wands tarot card

The traditional meaning of Nine of wands tarot card is endurance. Nine of wands denotes resilience, courage, and strength of character. Nine of wands signifies mind over matter.

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Nine of wands in the grand tableau

Nine of wands in Ace of wands: Leadership qualities.

Nine of wands in Two of wands: Resignation.

Nine of wands in Three of wands: Determined to succeed.

Nine of wands in Four of wands: A brave community.

Nine of wands in Five of wands: Endurance in competition. Withstanding pressure.

Nine of wands in Six of wands: Staying on top. Long time success.

Nine of wands in Seven of wands: Endurance in teaching, speaking and politics.

Nine of wands in Eight of wands: Overnight success.

Nine of wands in Nine of wands: Stress. Overwhelm.

Nine of wands in Ten of wands: Endurance in work.

Nine of wands in Page of wands: A popular outspoken person.

Nine of wands in Knight of wands: Activism.

Nine of wands in Queen of wands: Humanitarian.

Nine of wands in King of wands: Bodyguard. A protector.

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  1. Narelle March 16, 2017 at 10:07 am

    Hello Inger, your website is most insightful and I dare to go anywhere else.

    May I ask, feelings regarding a good friend, I asked how he felt about me? (we have been affectionate . Once off though, but he knows I like him )

    I received 9 of wands and 5 of cups together.
    I thought 9 of wands meaning he is exhausted or given up on love and then 5 of cups is regrets ?

    He has kind of rejected me after we hug for ages .. I’m going with the flow in a way./

    May I request your input?

    Kind regards

  2. Inger Bråthen March 17, 2017 at 1:47 am

    Hi, this person is most likely focusing away from love and romance and his wall is up too high. All you can do is to send him love and at the same time pray that your highest and best, most compatible, divine soulmate will cross your path.

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