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Soulmate Astrology Compatibility Example

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Below is an example of a Synastry reading and a Compatibility score reading based on the Natal Charts of two people in a relationship.

Astrology chart him
Astrology chart her

Data for Her:
March 10, 1958
4:00 PM
Standard time observed
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
40 N 26 26 79 W 59 46
Time Zone: 5 hours West

Sun 19 deg 47 min Pisces
Moon 0 deg 02 min Sagittarius
Mercury 26 deg 22 min Pisces
Venus 7 deg 53 min Aquarius
Mars 25 deg 19 min Capricorn
Jupiter 0 deg 50 min Scorpio
Saturn 25 deg 12 min Sagittarius
Uranus 8 deg 04 min Leo
Neptune 4 deg 28 min Scorpio
Pluto 0 deg 37 min Virgo
Asc. 22 deg 52 min Leo
MC 15 deg 30 min Taurus

Data for Him
July 13, 1942
11:41 AM
War Time observed
Chicago, Illinois
41 N 51     87 W 39
Time Zone: 6 hours West

Sun 20 deg 38 min Cancer
Moon 22 deg 46 min Cancer
Mercury 1 deg 12 min Cancer
Venus 18 deg 36 min Gemini
Mars 18 deg 19 min Leo
Jupiter 7 deg 34 min Cancer
Saturn 8 deg 08 min Gemini
Uranus 3 deg 13 min Gemini
Neptune 27 deg 25 min Virgo
Pluto 4 deg 56 min Leo
Asc. 2 deg 46 min Libra
MC 3 deg 14 min Cancer

Astrological Compatibility Score

Category Totals

Above 150 is very high. This trait is VERY strong!
125 to 150 is above average. The trait is strong.
115 to 125 is slightly above average. The trait is slightly strong.
85 to 115 is average.
75 to 85 is slightly below average. The trait is slightly weak.
50 to 75 is weak.
50 or lower is VERY weak!

1. Romantic and Sexual Attraction: 82

2. Similarity of Interests and Temperament: 0

3. Mutual Success and High Achievement: 56

4. Problem Solving, Communication, and Mutual Understanding: 146

5. Mutual Kindness, Friendliness, Pleasantness, and Peace: 74

6. Aggressiveness, Competition, Power, Success, or Violence: 47

7. Adventurousness, Surprises, Disturbances: 120

8. Shared Creativity, Imagination, and Inspiration: 112

Given above are your compatibility scores in 8 different categories. A score of 100 is average. A score above 100 indicates that the trait is strong, and a score below 100 indicates that the trait is weak. More specifically, you can interpret the scores as follows:

Note that there is no strict dividing point in the scores so a score of about 115, for example, is at about the point where the trait is noticeably above average. As with most things in life, like height, weight, intelligence, etc., there is a gradual continuum of scores, but these dividing points are fairly good indicators of when a trait stands out as being strong or weak.

If you are an astrologer or a student of astrology, you may be interested in knowing how this compatibility profile is constructed. If you are not interested in the astrological factors that are analyzed, please skip this description of the astrological influences analyzed in this report. The astrological influences analyzed are as follows:

Category 1, Romantic and Sexual Attraction, is based on aspects of Mars, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto to Venus between each other’s charts and in the composite chart.

Category 2, Similarity of Interests and Temperament, is based on having a planet in the same zodiac sign or a similar aspect, such as both people having a major aspect between the same two planets.

Category 3, Mutual Success and High Achievement, is based on aspects of Jupiter to Sun, Mars, or Pluto, or Sun-Jupiter aspects between the charts or in the composite chart.

Category 4, Problem Solving, Communication, and Mutual Understanding, is based on aspects of any planet except Neptune to Mercury in each other’s charts or in the composite chart.

Category 5, Mutual Kindness, Friendliness, Pleasantness, and Peace, is based on trines, sextile, noviles, binoviles, and quadnoviles of the Moon to Sun, Venus, or Jupiter, or of Sun to Venus between the two charts or in the composite chart.

Category 6, Aggressiveness, Competition, Power, Success, or Violence, is based on aspects of Mars to Sun, Uranus, and Pluto, or of Sun to Pluto between the two charts or in the composite chart.

Category 7, Adventurousness, Surprises, Disturbances, is based on aspects of Uranus to any planet between the charts or in the composite chart.

Category 8, Shared Creativity, Imagination, and Inspiration, is based on conjunctions, trines, sextiles, quintiles, and biquintiles of Neptune to any planet in the other person’s chart or in the composite chart.

In the formula used, each aspect is given a specific value and the number of points assigned is stronger if the aspect is stronger. A mathematical formula is then used to weight the final result so that the average score is 100. Because each aspect is weighted individually, the details of the astrological analysis is very long, but this brief description gives you an idea of how the analysis is done. The number of different theories in astrology is enormous, and each astrologer uses a different combination of methods. The theories used here utilize sophisticated software to analyze many hundreds of factors into a final analysis of the compatibility in these 8 categories.

Astrological Synastry Reading

Him’s Sun in Cancer and Her’s Sun in Pisces:

There is a tremendous flow of feeling, sympathy, and emotional rapport between you, and you feel that this person understands and empathizes with you in a way few others do. Both of you are sensitive, intuitive, receptive, and compassionate people, easily moved by emotional appeals or needs of others. A deep mutual appreciation of music and the arts is also likely.

The differences between you are: Her’s sympathies are more broad and universal than Him’s, who is more concerned with family or others who are personally dear to Him. “Our family” or “our circle” matters more to Him than to Her, who treats friends and strangers more equally. Her can be a little lax when it comes to remembering significant personal dates, like anniversaries or birthdays, whereas Him never is. You are likely to be excellent friends.

Him’s Moon in Cancer and Her’s Moon in Sagittarius:

Your emotional needs and temperaments are quite different and you sometimes simply don’t understand one another.

Him is inwardly soft, tender, and sympathetic, and has a great yearning for closeness, a sense of belonging and security. A very sensitive and feeling person, Him can be quite moody. Feelings of nostalgia, longing, melancholy, crabbiness, and worry or anxiety are a part of Him’s emotional nature. Her, on the other hand, is cheerful and upbeat most of the time and can be impatient with Him’s moods and insecurities. Her may try to intellectualize, philosophize, or jolly Him out of whatever Him is feeling. Rather than accepting and allowing the feelings, Her will either ignore them entirely or try to lighten them up, but in either case, Him ends up feeling misunderstood or simply not accepted.

Also, Him has a strong concern with, and attachment to, the past, while Her is forward-looking and concerned more with the future. Him is domestic and needs a strong, secure home base, while Her yearns for the new and unfamiliar. If you work together in a business or enterprise, it is likely that Her
will feel that Him is frequently stifled by attachment and responsibility to family. Freedom, mobility, and a certain degree of independence are essential for Her, who may feel dragged down by Him’s emotionality and need for security.

Furthermore, Her is naturally quite candid, frank, and rather tactless. Her doesn’t take everything as personally as Him does, and often hurts Him’s feelings unintentionally. Her may feel that it is necessary to be exceedingly reserved and cautious in order to accommodate Him’s over-sensitivity and this can be frustrating.

Positively, Him can benefit from Her’s humor and optimism, and Her may learn to be more aware of others’ feelings and personal concerns.
Him’s Sun Opposition Her’s Mars:

This is an active, energetic relationship and you can accomplish a great deal together. Be wary, however, of the tendency to butt heads when your combined dynamic energy makes you both feel impatient.

Her’s Sun Square Him’s Venus:

Your personal styles, tastes, and preferred leisure activities are often not in harmony, and you need to make adjustments and allowances for one another’s differing personal tastes and desires.

Him’s Sun Trine Her’s Sun:

Your basic aims and approach to life are in harmony, and the mutual respect you feel forms the basis of an excellent friendship or partnership. You feel understood, appreciated, recognized, and affirmed by one another. You stimulate, vitalize, motivate, and believe in each other.

Her’s Sun Trine Him’s Moon:

You two are the best of friends! You understand and appreciate each other, and are able to work together very harmoniously. No relationship is free of difficulty and stress, and this astrological influence does not nullify other stressful influences described elsewhere in this report, but it does add a harmonious quality to your relationship that helps you over the rough spots.

Him’s Moon Opposition Her’s Mars:

Both of you get into an energetic mood when you are together. If you share an interest in the same sport (for example tennis or golf) you will enjoy competing against each other. However, you easily become impatient with each other and easily provoke each other’s anger and hostility. You will need to be careful to avoid becoming adversaries.

Her’s Moon Opposition Him’s Uranus:

Him is instrumental in freeing Her from many old habits and attitudes. Both of you find this relationship enlivening and you often get into a free-spirited, even zany, mood together. Any contracts or commitments you make to each other, however, may be short-lived as events and circumstances are likely to change so often that your plans need to be constantly revised.

Him’s Moon Trine Her’s Mercury:

You enjoy long talks and you feel very much at home with each other. You are able to openly share your feelings about almost any subject. You will find that as you spend more time together, your tastes, interests, hobbies, and activities tend to blend together harmoniously. Your friendship is a strong and lasting one.

Her’s Mercury Opposition Him’s Neptune:

You are inclined to conversations on imaginative areas like art, theatre, music, psychology, and religion. Discussions of very practical and mundane affairs (for example, your annual tax forms) are inclined to be fraught with misunderstandings so strive to be very careful to be clear and precise when discussing important details.

Him’s Mercury Trine Her’s Jupiter:

Communication is open and harmonious. You are able to help each other incorporate new ideas and expand your perspective. If you have a close, long-lasting friendship, you will develop similar political, social, and philosophical views. Your overall beliefs and aims are in harmony. If you have a business relationship, you will do well in areas that involve long-distance communication, such as advertising, publishing, etc.

Him’s Mercury Trine Her’s Neptune:

You enjoy discussing any subject that has an imaginative or mystical quality – art, music, fiction, theatre, or religion. You kindle each other’s imagination and ideals. You work together well in the arts and in humanitarian areas. You have a strong intuitive and psychic rapport and often understand each other without need for words.

Him’s Mercury Sextile Her’s Pluto:

Your conversations are deep and probing. You understand each other at a very deep level, and you may find yourselves revealing things about yourself that you have not mentioned to anyone else. You also make a good research team or investigators.

Her’s Venus Opposition Him’s Pluto:

Powerful subconscious emotional drives come into play in this relationship and you may become exceedingly attached to one another, as well as very jealous and manipulative at times. This is not a superficial friendship. Do make sure your intentions, motives, and purposes are above board and clear; otherwise, you can become enmeshed in emotional or financial entanglements with one another.

Her’s Venus Trine Him’s Saturn:

There is a great deal of mutual trustworthiness, reliability, and responsibility in this relationship that makes you both feel that you can count on each other. You willingly make sacrifices for each other, and a deep friendship between you develops over time. You will assist each other a great deal over the years.

Her’s Mars Trine Him’s Neptune:

You enjoy watching movies, reading novels, discussing music and the arts, and pursuing religious or metaphysical areas together. You work well together in any area that involves a strong imaginative element. The spiritual bond between you is strong, and as you spend time together, your ideals and your sense of purpose in life becomes more refined and intertwined.

Disclaimer: By ordering a reading you confirm that you are at least 18 years of age and you understand that the report is for entertainment purposes only. It is not meant as legal, medical or other professional advice. You are taking full responsibility for any decisions you make as a result of this report. I do not offer refunds once the report is completed.

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