Astrology Made Simple ~ By Rachel Di Ré

Beginner Astrology ~ What is it all About? Rachel will contribute with Astrology insights on TarotWikipedia and in this post she explains the basic of Astrology, such as the difference between Sun and Moon sign, the meaning of your Ascendant, and how the different planets interact with you in the different areas in your life. [...]

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Zodiac Wheel Spread

The Zodiac Wheel Tarot spread The Zodiac wheel is a great spread that looks at every aspect of your life. House 1: Ruling Sign: Aries. Personality of the enquirer. House 2: Ruling Sign: Taurus. Money and material goods. Financial situation. House 3: Ruling Sign: Gemini. Short journeys, brothers and sisters.  House 4: Ruling Sign: Cancer. Home [...]

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