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Tarot Academy ~ Learn the Tarot in your Own Time.

In case you wondered about the Tarot Academy vs the Tarot Bundle, here is the difference.

The Tarot Academy is not an ongoing subscription. You pay for 1 month ($9.99) and that is it. When the month is over, your access to all the courses stops. In the Bundle, the subscription in ongoing ($8.99) until you cancel it. You have access to all the courses as well as the Full Pick a Card Videos.

I created the Academy so that you could check out all the different courses to see what course you want to enroll in. Perhaps the Arrows course is for you, or the Tarot Meanings Course, or the Linking Soulmate course. The Bundle is for those who want All the Courses.

I also have a free tarot course: The Fool’s Journey ~ How to Read with Major Arcana Cards.

For those of you who want to learn tarot card combinations, I have part of the Arrow’s course (only the card combinations part) here. 

Enjoy your Tarot Journey.

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Hi, I am Ingie. I run TarotWikipedia an online free tarot and rune database and reading tutorials site.Connect with Ingie on Google+