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Bill gates by the tarot

Death and Emperor

The Birth Card of the innovative Bill Gates (28th of October 1955).

death tarot card meanings

Death: Endings

emperor tarot card meanings

Emperor: Structure


Other Celebrities with Death and Emperor card combination:

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bryan Adams, Elton John, Oprah Winfrey, Frank Sinatra, Sir Paul McCartney, Sir Richard Branson, Bono, Jewel, Nicole Kidman, Brad Pitt, Demi Moore, Benedict Cumberbatch.

People with Death and Emperor card combination have great ability to handle stress and take on a leadership position. They do best when they can own their own power and learn to release all expectations. They succeed when they see their life through the eyes of logic and reason. They are highly effective once they set realistic goals for themselves. They create order from disorder.

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