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James Lesure by the tarot

Judgement and High Priestess

The Birth Card of the allure James Lesure (21 of September 1970)

Judgement tarot card meanings

Judgement: Inner Calling

HIgh priestess tarot card meanings

High Priestess: Intuition


Other celebrities with Judgement and High Priestess combination:

Mussolini and Beatix Potter.

This is a very rare card combination. I could only find 2 other celebrities with this card combination. Judgement and High Priestess give the person a very strong emotional advantage. How they use this advantage is up to them, however, if they know how powerful they are it might scare their sensitive core. And sensitive they are, but they also have strong leadership abilities. Deep down all they want is to be able to trust human connections. They need to have people around them to feel balanced, and they are happiest when they feel others understand and accept them.

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