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Prince Harry by the tarot

Sun, Wheel of Fortune and Magician Tarot Combination

The Birth Card of the ravishing Prince Harry (15th of September 1984).

Sun tarot card meanings

Sun: Happiness

wheel of fortune tarot card meanings

Wheel of Fortune: Destiny

Magician tarot card meanings

Magician: Talents

Other celebrities with Sun, Wheel of Fortune and Magician card combination:

Charlie Chaplin, George Washington, Walt Disney, Martin Luther King.

People with Sun, Wheel of Fortune and Magician combination are very active and energetic. They are amazing leaders and never shy away from a challenge. They cooperate well with others and make loyal and lifelong friends. They need to learn to release the past to be happy, or else they feel disconnected with everyone and everything. They love the outdoors and can be very competitive. They also love to be the centre of attention.

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