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world tarot card meanings

World: Success

World Tarot Card Meanings and Keywords:

The World tarot card meanings in traditional tarot stem from its connection to both Astrology and Numerology. The World tarot card can mean:


Structure and meaning.


The boundaries that direct us while we grow.

Travelling to another part of the world.

Teaching the world something you are an expert in.

Rules and regulations that assist in making the world a safer place.



Doing what we desire most.





Symbolism in World tarot card

The human head represents Aquarius, the lion represents Leo, the ox represents Taurus and the eagle represents Scorpio. These four signs are the fixed signs in the zodiac. They also represent the four corners of the earth, the four elements and the four evangelists Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, and the angels represented in the tarot; Raphael (Aquarius) is upper left, Gabriel (Scorpio) is the eagle, Michael (Leo) is the lion, and Uriel (Taurus) is the bull. The world tarot card symbolises that we are viewing God’s throne. The dancing figure symbolises cosmic consciousness and the world soul. The green wreath represents the sensual world. In each hand, she (the soul) holds a wand equal to each other. The two equal wands symbolise the twin pillars of duality. They have become tools for the creative expression of the soul. The purple garment symbolises the balance between the stability of blue and the passion of red. The red ribbon forms the infinity symbol, symbolising endless opportunities, rewards and happiness. This card represents the Anima Mundi (latin for World Soul) which is an intrinsic connection between all living things on the planet. In a reading, the World tarot card represents what is truly desired. 

World tarot card and Astrology

The world is ruled by Saturn. Saturn brings structure and meaning to the world, it knows the limits of time and matter. This way it brings definition to our lives. It rules our boundaries, responsibilities and commitments. Saturn helps us understand the world around us through governments and their resources, discipline, structure, rules and regulations. Saturn shows our sense of responsibilities and our limitations that define us and give us boundaries. The World card represents Saturn at the best, our duty, honour, work, discipline and traditions; the boundaries that direct us while we grow.

World tarot card meanings upright

World in a general reading

The World is the final Major Arcana card and it represents fulfilment and successful completion of a cycle. You know your place in the world, and your life lessons have made you smart and accomplished. The World shows up when the world is ready for you and want what you have to offer. You might have to broaden your horizon and move to where your dreams will come true. This card often shows up when there is travel involved. Your sail just got some wind behind it, so make the most of it. The difference between the Fool’s journey and journeying with the World is that where the Fool is inexperienced and relying on beginners luck, the World has experience, wisdom, knowledge and experience. The World tarot card shows up to remind you that you mean the World to someone, and because of this, you are infinitely significant. 

World in a love reading

In a love reading, The World tarot card denotes a relationship that stays equally strong in both sickness and health. If the Seeker is single the World can mean finding love with someone from a different country.

World in a career reading

In a career reading, The World tarot card signifies careers in government and politics. The World can also denote overseas jobs.

The World as Feelings

The World speaks of love that goes a long way back, and there is often a reconnection to the past. This is love that is strong because it has been challenged. The World also speaks of the love in a world full of the mundane, and it reminds the Seeker to keep the romance alive.

If you are asking about how someone is feeling about you, the World speaks of being challenged by feelings and the need to step up to a challenge or a new responsibility.

Learn what the World tarot card means in the Grand Tableau. 

Personality type in World tarot card

Confident, wise, worldly and full of life experience, The World tarot card is someone with substance. They are not afraid to put in the efforts and get their hands dirty and they are often quickly promoted in their jobs. They excel in teaching/training positions. World tarot card is someone who is confident in most situations. Their positive attitude and skills often take them to overseas locations where they share their knowledge. At the same time they love to learn; in fact, they have to keep learning to feel alive. They are often very well-educated as well as having plenty of practical knowledge. World people can be relied upon, and are often in trusted positions in the workplace.

world tarot card meanings

World: Success

World tarot card meanings reversed:

The World tarot card reversed indicates staying at home secluded within the comfort zones. Ventures are abandoned and projects remain incomplete. The Seeker is unable to finish what they started. There is a false view of the world that often stops the person from getting involved and enjoying what the world has to offer. There is a fear of the outside world. The World reversed denotes stillness rather than movement, or worse, going backwards rather than forward and being stuck in the past.

Personality type in reversed World tarot card

The World tarot card reversed indicates someone who is seeing the world through eyes of fear. They are often isolating themselves, suffer social anxiety and have a general lack of confidence. They are inexperienced and immature, and they find it hard to finish what they’ve started. This is someone who shies away from challenges and responsibility, who get stuck in work roles with no future aspects of promotions. They like to study, but when it comes to implementing their knowledge in the workplace they fall short. Sometimes they stay in the student role so they can avoid responsibility. They are afraid of leaving their comfort zone. Around people, they feel awkward, even scared. The World reversed people talk themselves out of trying new things and meeting new people. Abandonment issues and anxieties are often the underlying issues.

World Tarot Card Combinations

Some important tarot card combinations including The World:

The World + The Fool: Travelling overseas. 

The World + The Lovers: A worldwide romance. 

The World + The Hermit: A master teacher. 

The World + Justice: The legal world. 

The World + The Sun: Self-realisation. 

The World + Ace of swords: Language teacher. Learning and speaking a new language. 

The World + Five of swords: A dangerous place. 

The World + Queen of swords: Stepping up in your career. 

The World + Two of wands: The world in your hands. Being offered something amazing. 

The World + Five of wands: Gathering of different people and cultures. 

The World + Knight of wands: Moving overseas. Travelling. 

The World + Queen of wands: International teacher. 

The World + Three of cups: Army. 

The World + Seven of cups: Career counselling. Teaching computer skills. 

The World + Eight of cups: Blogging. Documentary making. 

The World + Page of cups: The Hospitality industry. 

The World + Ace of pentacles: Earning money overseas. Accounting. 

The World + Three of pentacles: An international team. 

The World + Four of pentacles: Accounting. International business. 

The World + Six of pentacles: Overseas charity. 

The World + Knight of pentacles: Government work. 

World tarot card meanings summary

The World tarot card denotes accomplishments, structures and meaning. The World speaks of what is truly important to the Seeker; what they are here to teach the World. In a reading, the World can mean the Seeker is about to travel to a faraway place. The Seeker travels to seek experience, knowledge and wisdom. When the World shows up reversed the Seeker is afraid to make their mark in the world.

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  1. Sarah March 14, 2017 at 11:59 pm

    Hi Inger

    I’m trying to gradually learn what the tarot cards mean and interpret them. I did a reading which I’ve attempted to read but I’m not sure how accurate it is. Below is my interpretation of my cards. I would appreciate any corrections and explanations that you can give to help clarify any mistakes I’ve made – hopefully some of it will be correct!:

    Situation between us – six of pentacles – We’re on the Same Page and have an Admiration for one another.

    Strengths of relationship –two of cups – After a recent fall-out we’ve managed to be mature and make up. Psychologically we’re thinking positively about one another now.

    Current challenges –ten of pentacles- Because this card isn’t reversed, I’m not sure how to reveal the challenge…. unless the challenge is whether or not we can create something more permanent from what is currently a very tenuous relationship

    His hope for the relationship – nine of wands – he wants to keep on keeping on? he knows we have a circular issue which keeps happening but would like to just keep the peace and carry on anyway?he’s wondering if after the hurtful things he’s said if we have a future.

    My hope for the relationship – nine of cups – I want satisfaction, no issues, happiness. I want him to take the first step towards a proper relationship?

    How he views me – the lovers – this is either that he views me as one of his many options or that he is really happy about our bond and it just feels right…it’s confusing because these are two very different opposing concepts, so I don’t know how to read it…

    How i view him –queen of cups – again confused… is it that I feel he is a beautiful balance for me? that he loves me? or is it that I think he thinks I love him?

    How i am impacting the relationship – ten of swords – I’m arguing with him about something he did, and he’s forcing me to drop the issue by saying he never said it. Does this suggest I’m setting myself up for rejection

    How he is impacting the relationship – king of cups – this suggests he’s remaining neutral and peaceful. He is not coming forward to have a relationship, and is maintaining a friendship currently.

    How he can help me –page of wands – either he can help me by contacting me or he can date other people??

    How i can help him – queen of swords- I should be practical and unromantic whilst being there for him. Steer him and show him what I will and will not put up with?

    The outcome –two of swords / seven of swords (I was guided to pick two cards for this position) – consider the red flags and warnings about the relationship. Try not to be blinded by love. He’s a player. He has some feelings for me which he is hiding. He wants to keep me available to him in case he wants to come back. He’s commitment-phobic and is showing disinterest in committing to me fully, but he may come back again

    I then asked for a one card reading Yes or No – would he go out with the other girl who he was involved with? – The Tower – No, she doesn’t think they are very compatible and thinks they are better as friends

    I asked for a one card Yes or No – would he and I end up in a relationship? – The World….this is apparently the completion of a cycle? So maybe No? But apparently in love The World can mean I’ll end up going out with someone from a different country. He’s originally from a different country so not sure how to read this….

    Is any of the above right? :-/

    (As I’ve been practicing learning the cards, I did a second reading today, and the reading looks quite similar in terms of its message…??

    Situation between us – Two of Wands / Magician / Fool – We’ve found common ground, everything is good and there’s balance. Teo is the Magician. We have plenty to talk about. Feeling that we are perfect together. But he is just not interested in committing to anyone (The Fool)

    Strengths of relationship – Ace of Cups – we are blessed – we mutually love each other

    Current challenges – The Emperor & Temperance – we are both(or he is?) exercising serious self control as we are not in a relationship

    His hope for the relationship – The Chariot – A need of time for the relationship to develop and to create a strong foundation…

    My hope for the relationship -Knight of Swords – a romantic relationship, new heights emotionally, with chivalry and fun

    How he views me – Nine of Wands – he views me as someone who is ignoring our issues and blindly moving forward. He doesn’t think I see the situation for what it is.

    How i view him – Four of Wands – I view him as a long term relationship, a love partner, someone who I’m compatible with and love

    How i am impacting the relationship – Ace of Wands – if I act on what I want, I’ll get it

    How he is impacting the relationship – The Devil – he’s depressed from a past breakup, but he’s also bringing sexual addiction into the relationship?

    How he can help me – Queen of Swords – he can help me put my life into perspective as to what’s important to me?

    How i can help him – Page of Wands – be playful, fresh, enthusiastic – keep things light?

    The Outcome – Strength – I will be with someone who adores me. Is this somebody new or is this the person to do with this reading?)

  2. Cody June 24, 2017 at 2:39 am

    I love the way you interpreted my cards for me last time and I was wondering if you could interpret these two readings I’ve done for myself. I keep studying on the cards but in the end I can’t make out what it says for me because of some confusion of what other sources say. But if you could, I’d appreciate it. My finances and education which I got 1. 8 of wands 2. Death 3.The Star ..and my second one which was about love, 1. Ten of pentacles 2. The world(R) 3. 6 of wands. Thank you for the help 😇

  3. Inger Bråthen June 24, 2017 at 10:14 am

    Hi, I feel you are on the right track with your education and the financial lessons you are currently learning are temporary. I can see you working and earning a good income for yourself. In love and romance, I feel there is a relationship that will be resurrected and have a renewal.

  4. Sally June 25, 2017 at 9:19 am

    Hi Inger,
    I love your website! I am still learning about tarot. I have been feeling stuck with my job search and have had a lot of disappointments this year. I just went on an interview, but don’t know the outcome. I pulled the following cards. Could you help me? I don’t know which direction to turn?
    1) The World
    2) 4 of cups
    3) 9 of cups
    4) Wheel of Fortune
    5) 3 of wands
    6) Page of cups
    7) 4 of wands
    8) Knight of cups
    9) Magician
    10) 5 of swords

    Any help would be great!! Thank you!!!

  5. Sally June 25, 2017 at 9:21 am

    Oops! Sorry for the double entry…

  6. Inger Bråthen June 25, 2017 at 9:31 pm

    5 of swords is not the best card to get as an outcome card. You do get Magician in surprise position so you will most likely find that your talents and skills are best used in another job other than the one you interviewed for.

  7. Jane June 30, 2017 at 8:55 pm

    Jane here again….asking about the future relationship with my friend. We’ve been continuing to spend time with one another these last two months. Here is what I pulled in a Celtic Cross:

    Ten of Cups
    King of Cups
    Three of Wands
    Nine of Wands
    Ten of Pentacles
    The Sun
    King of Pentacles
    The Moon
    The World

    I’m a bit confused as to whether this indicates our relationship will progress forward and move to a new level or if we’ve gone as far as we can go together. I’m not sure how to read Judgement and the World together, especially with the Sun as a future influence. If you could share your perspective (again) I would be most appreciative. Thank you so very much, Inger.

  8. Inger Bråthen July 1, 2017 at 8:10 am

    Hi, I feel this relationship can go to the next level. 🙂

  9. Alejandra J. October 19, 2017 at 1:20 am

    Hi Inger,

    Regarding the World card, I’ve been searching the net to find the meaning of the World when it shows up to the question “What he feels for you”. Most interpretations have been positive, but the World showed up and two days later my boyfriend stopped talking to me. I have moved on (but this is recent). The more confusing thing is that the rest of the cards in the spread were VERY positive as well. What happened?

    Any comments? Thank you!

  10. Naina October 19, 2017 at 1:54 pm

    Hi Inger can’t thank you enough for this website , I pulled out another combination of cards for my current circumstances and I got
    1) the world
    2) ten of cups
    3) judgement

    Does this mean I’ve completed some sort of cycle and now I’m a better judge of character as the past year I’ve faced a lot of deception and loss in all kinds of personal relationships

  11. Inger Bråthen October 22, 2017 at 1:27 pm

    The world is connected to the planet Saturn which is the planet for where we can be learning some difficult lessons. My guess is that your boyfriend has internalised something and he is unable to communicate what is on his mind. I think he has very high expectations of himself and there is some stress around him at the moment. I think he is very afraid of failing.

  12. Inger Bråthen October 23, 2017 at 3:23 pm

    You have learnt to use good judgement with people. If you find that people are taking advantage of you, I recommend life coach Richard Grannon’s Youtube channel. This channel has personally been a lifesaver for me. 🙂

  13. Naina November 1, 2017 at 9:15 pm

    Thank you so much Inger ! I’ll definitely go subscribe to his channel 🙂 can’t thank you enough for your interpretations I hope you’re always blessed and happy

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