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five of cups tarot card meanings 5 of cups tarot card

Five of Cups Tarot Card
Meanings and Keywords:


Grief and sorrow. Being sad.

Suffering pain and loss.

Regrets and disappointments.

Being emotionally unsatisfied.

Being hard to please.

Focusing on the negative.

Feeling unloved.


Old grief.

Feeling hopeless.


Symbolism in Five of Cups tarot card

The black cloak symbolises grief. The three fallen cups with spilt contents symbolise loss. The two cups still standing, symbolise the relationships that remain. The figure has his back at the two cups and is facing the three fallen cups, symbolising he is focusing on loss. The white bridge symbolises hope and support. The castle symbolises home and security. The loss is emotional rather than material.

Five of Cups tarot cards and Astrology

Mars (Tower) in Scorpio (Death).

Five of cups tarot card meanings upright

Five of cups in a general reading

Five of cups is the tarot card for regrets and disappointments, especially in love. A relationship might not have turned out the way you would have liked it too. The seeker is grieving the loss and is unable to see what is still there. All is not lost. In a work related question you might not be getting the recognition you deserve, or maybe even someone else is getting rewarded for your work. The other cards in the spread will tell you in what area your life is being affected.

Five of cups in a love reading

In a love reading, Five of cups tarot card speaks of disappointment. A relationship did not turn out the way the Seeker was hoping for. Five of cups can mean the relationship is ending, or a part of the relationship has ended. Perhaps the Seeker is missing what was, and is not sure about the new phase of the relationship. If single, Five of cups tarot card can mean the Seeker is feeling lonely. The Seeker might not think there is any hope for a happy relationship, and maybe they are settling for less than what they deserve.

Five of cups in a career reading

In a career reading, Five of cups tarot card signifies work that doesn’t really satisfy the Seeker. The Seeker might have a great potential to achieve in career, but for some reason is unable to blossom. Five of cups can mean the Seeker feels isolated at work.

Learn what Five of cups tarot card means in the Grand Tableau. 

Personality types in Five of cups tarot card

Five of cups tarot card denotes someone who is living with disappointment and regrets. This person is hard to please, the glass is always half empty. They look at the negative in every situation. They also find it hard to begin something new, as they seem to always be stuck in the past. Emotionally they are finding it hard to cope and they are often playing the blame game. They have little self-love and rarely look after their health and well-being. They need to deal with the loss and grief in their life and realise that life still has plenty to offer them. This is someone with a victim mentality, focusing on their regrets, loss and failures. This is someone who is an excellent friend when your life is in turmoil as they understand what that feels like. As soon as your life starts looking up and you embrace positivity, they turn on you and accuse you of changing and of being a poor friend. They can only join you in your pain, not in your happiness.

five of cups tarot card meaningsFive of cups tarot card meanings reversed

Five of Cups tarot card reversed indicates disappointment in love and emotional matters. The two cups that still upright spill out when this card shows up reversed which denotes the seeker might be emotionally totally drained, usually by relationships. There is a danger of being taken advantage of or even abused by people around you, so be careful. Five of cups tarot card sometimes shows up reversed when the seeker is so heartbroken they are unable to love again.

Personality types in Five of cups reversed

Five of cups tarot card indicates someone who has hit rock bottom emotionally. Their negativity has rippled out and ruined what was still a good thing in their life. It can be very difficult to be around a Five of cups reversed person. They are often mentally unstable and they take their pain out on innocent people, ruining their day and trying to get them into trouble. This is someone with lots of skeletons in the closet and a string of failed ventures that haunt them. They have an all or nothing attitude to life which ends up working against them. This is someone who feels very sorry for themselves and believes no one understands or appreciates them.

Five Of Cups Tarot Card Combinations

Some important tarot card combinations including Five of cups:

Five of cups + The Fool: A disappointing new beginning. 

Five of cups + The Magician: Emotionally let down. 

Five of cups + The High Priestess: Cynicism keeping happiness away. 

Five of cups + The Chariot: Running from problems. 

Five of cups + The Hermit: Loneliness. 

Five of cups + The World: A challenging life lesson. 

Five of cups + Ace of wands: Finding inspiration in a difficult situation. 

Five of cups + Three of wands: Emotional setbacks inspire progress. 

Five of cups + Nine of wands: Putting walls around yourself emotionally. 

Five of cups + Ten of wands: Lack of support. 

Five of cups + Knight of wands: A bully. 

Five of cups + Ace of pentacles: Emotional shopping. 

Five of cups + Three of pentacles: Unhappy at work. 

Five of cups + Six of pentacles: Putting on a brave face. Hiding your true feelings. 

Five of cups + Eight of pentacles: Escaping in work. 

Five of cups + Knight of pentacles: Lacking the right connections (especially in career). 

Five of cups + Four of swords: Grieving. 

Five of cups + Six of swords: Moving on from disappointments. Recovering. 

Five of cups + Seven of swords: Unable to trust in others. 

Five of cups + Queen of swords: Hurt in love. 

Five of cups + Ace of cups: Healing a relationship. 

Five of cups + Six of cups: Missing the past. 

Five of cups + Ten of cups: A healing relationship. 

Five of cups tarot card meanings summary

Emotional dissatisfaction seen in the Four of cups intensifies in the Five of cups tarot card. You might feel like running away and starting over, but that might not be the answer. Yes, getting away can feel great; just make sure you know when to stop running. Grief and sorrow are part of life and if we work through these emotions we experience growth and a light at the end of the tunnel. Five of cups tarot card sometimes shows up when the Seeker experience heartbreak in personal relationships. In Five of cups reversed the heartbreak is prolonged.