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nine of cups tarot card meanings 9 of cups tarot card

Nine of Cups Tarot Card
Meanings and Keywords:


Abundance and satisfaction.

Getting what you want.

Feeling proud of yourself.

A wish coming true. 

Living in luxury. Enjoying your life.

Having meaning and purpose.

Being on the path you desire.

Losing yourself in the moment.


Poor lifestyle choices.


Foolish generosity.

Symbolism in Nine of Cups tarot card

The nine cups in an arch symbolise abundance and satisfaction. The wooden bench symbolises being grounded. The man’s red hat symbolises his passion. The blue fabric symbolises health and tranquility. His yellow shoes symbolise that the path he is on is one of happiness, joy, and energy.

Nine of Cups tarot card and Astrology

Jupiter (Wheel of Fortune) in Pisces (Moon).

Nine of cups tarot card meanings upright

Nine of cups in a general reading

Nine of cups is the tarot card for getting what you want and having a wish come true. Nine of cups speaks of abundance and satisfaction, and also about being proud of what you have achieved. The dissatisfaction in the material world shown by Eight of cups is now gone as this card relishes in all the good things life has to offer; the foods, the drinks, and all its comfort and pleasure. There is real enjoyment in the material world, because the seeker fulfilled themselves spiritually in Eight of Cups, and has returned to the material world with a new sense of meaning and purpose.

Nine of cups in a love reading

In a love reading, Nine of cups tarot card speaks of getting what you want and feeling good about yourself. If the Seeker is single, Nine of cups can mean they are happily so. In a relationship, Nine of cups signifies a love that is deeply satisfying to the Seeker.

Nine of cups in a career reading

In a career reading, Nine of cups tarot card can speak of work the Seeker is immensely proud of. Nine of cups often signifies a proud business owner.

Learn what Nine of cups tarot card means in the Grand tableau.

Personality types in Nine of Cups tarot card

Nine of cups indicates someone who is thoroughly enjoying their life. They love to celebrate and indulge, and they enjoy a life in excess. This is someone who has high self-esteem. They seem to always get what they want. They are quite worry-free people and find their life to be a magical and highly satisfying experience. They are very content and sensual people. Nine of cups people believe themselves to be very sexy and they think they bring the sexy out in others, which make them flamboyant. This is someone with all their ducks in a row and the best thing is that they earned it all by putting the effort in and investing in themselves. They like their life to look good, but they don’t stop there; it has to actually be good as well. They can get carried away in the moment and lose themselves in life’s pleasures. What is the secret behind the happiness in a Nine of cups person: They know it is little things in life that give the most satisfaction.

nine of cups tarot card meanings

Getting what you want

Nine of cups tarot card meanings reversed

Nine of Cups tarot card reversed indicates that the seeker is not going to get what they wish for. Family and friendships might be falling apart. There are disintegration and separation in Nine of cups reversed, often due to lifestyle choices. Over-indulgence in food, alcohol, and drugs are also indicated. Abundance is ruined by the foolish generosity and wasting/gambling. Happiness has been spilled out of the cups. Pleasure has turned to pain. The cups must be filled with what will make the seeker truly happy.

Personality types in reversed Nine of Cups tarot card

Nine of cups reversed people is someone who has problems with over-indulging and is living an empty life where pleasure has turned to pain.  This is someone who has unhealthy lifestyle habits. They are often obese and have issues with addictions. They can be hedonistic and easily deceived, at times even exploited, due to their lack of self-esteem. There is hardly any self-love. Nine of cups reversed people throw themselves into experiences that will distract them from growing character and substance. Their life might look good, but it certainly doesn’t feel good. This is someone who only has friends because they are so loose with their money. They don’t understand what real friendships and relationships are built upon. They have hardly any spiritual strength and are unhappy and insecure people, depending on money, materialism, and earthly pleasures as their only solitude.

Nine Of Cups Tarot Card Combinations

Some important tarot card combinations including Nine of cups:

Nine of cups + The High Priestess: A successful business idea. 

Nine of cups + The Hierophant: A performing arts company. 

Nine of cups + Strength: A successful marriage. 

Nine of cups + The Sun: A happy new relationship. 

Nine of cups + Judgement: Career advancement. 

Nine of cups + Ace of pentacles: The beauty industry. 

Nine of cups + Two of pentacles: Having fun at work. 

Nine of cups + Three of pentacles: Job satisfaction. 

Nine of cups + Five of pentacles: A true friend. 

Nine of cups + Page of pentacles: Pampering someone (or being pampered). 

Nine of cups + Knight of pentacles: A successful career change. 

Nine of cups + Queen of pentacles: Successful home business.

Nine of cups + Ace of wands: A happy pregnancy. 

Nine of cups + Three of wands: Freedom at work. 

Nine of cups + Five of wands: A creative group. 

Nine of cups + Nine of wands: Safeguarding your assets and business. Defending your career. 

Nine of cups + Page of wands: Success in social media. 

Nine of cups + Four of swords: A happy holiday. 

Nine of cups + Seven of swords: Successful marketing. 

Nine of cups + Eight of swords: Image orientation. Fashion. 

Nine of cups + Page of swords: A smooth talker. 

Nine of cups + King of cups: A high-ranking officer. 

Nine of cups + Two of cups: A successful relationship. 

Nine of cups + Five of cups: Getting out of a bad situation. 

Nine of cups + Six of cups: A happy child. 

Nine of cups + Ten of cups: A happy family. 

Nine of cups + Page of cups: A successful interview, meeting, presentation or audition. 

Nine of cups tarot card meanings summary

Nine of cups tarot card meanings denote you are about to get what you want. This is the wish coming true card. It denotes emotional rewards in relation to something that means a lot to you. There is a true connection to your purpose and/or the people in your life when Nine of cups tarot card shows up. You might have taken a risk that paid off, or you put in the efforts a little at a time. Whatever the reason is for your happiness, you deserve the happy outcome.