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page of cups tarot card meanings page of cups tarot card

Page of Cups Tarot Card
Meanings and Keywords:


A gentle spirit.

Sentimental and romantic.

A romantic message.

An audition. Showing your talents.

Being creative and learning a creative skill.

Seeing something with new eyes. 

Loving and sweet, but also shy.


Avoiding responsibility.


Feeling low emotionally.

Symbolism in Page of Cups tarot card

The fish in the cup symbolises ideas from the subconscious and the spirit. The blue hat symbolises the young man’s calm nature. The red fabric symbolises his passion and life. The floral print symbolises an artistic and creative personality. The blue waves in the background symbolise the waves of emotions. The orange boots symbolise enthusiasm and emotional tendencies.

Page of cups tarot card meanings upright

Page of cups in a general question

Page of cups tarot card denotes a young person with gentle and sensitive nature. This is someone who lives in wonder and can be quite naive at times. There is a highly creative side to this person who loves to make things, sing and write. Since all the pages also are messengers, the Page of cups is the message of love, intuition and creativity. In situations Page of cups describes seeing something with new eyes and experiencing positive surprises. Page of cups also denotes a crystal child.

Page of cups in a love question

In a love reading, Page of cups tarot card denotes romantic news are on its way. If the Seeker is single they might find out that they have an admirer. In a relationship, Page of cups speaks of renewing the relationship through kind words and romantic gestures.

Page of cups in career questions

In a career reading, Page of cups tarot card signifies work as a psychic or using your psychic gifts in your work. Page of cups can also mean creative jobs or work with children. Page of cups can mean putting yourself out there to be judged (like an audition) to get what you want in a career. Page of cups often means the Seeker is at the beginning of a new learning curve in a career, and they might at times feel out of depth with demands until they find their feet.

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Personality types in Page of Cups tarot card

Page of cups tarot card is someone sensitive and intuitive. They are very sweet, gentle, warm and loving. They are also shy, always holding something back. They don’t tell you how they really feel, and are good at pretending everything is fine, even when it isn’t. They do their best avoiding pain and conflict. Page of cups people need to feel loved and their main intention while interacting with others is to be loved and liked. They are youthful and playful, and they have plenty of hobbies and interests. This is someone who needs to feel special to someone, and they need to be listened to. If not they feel terribly wounded and might lash out in some way. Page of cups people tend to be very emotional.

page of cups tarot card meanings reversed page of cups tarot cardPage of cups tarot card meanings reversed

Page of Cups tarot card reversed indicates someone who is hard to motivate, they are feeling sad and bring others down with their gloomy nature. They might promise a lot, but often deliver little if any. This is someone who tends to manipulate to get what they want. They have problems with trust. They need more love than they are able to give. Page of cups tarot card sometimes shows up reversed when the Seeker feels low emotionally. Difficulties communicating feelings are also indicated. 

Personality types in Page of Cups reversed

Page of cups tarot card reversed is someone with erratic and secretive behaviour. They are over-emotional and often sexual repressed. They tend to avoid pain at all cost, even to the detriment of their development. At worst there is an underdeveloped conscience and Page of cups reversed people might even have evil tendencies. They can be very juvenile and childish, taking the victim role so they can avoid responsibility. Page of cups reversed people tend to be very manipulative until they have proven to themselves that someone loves them. They need a lot of love to feel secure within themselves.

Page of cups tarot card meanings

Page of cups tarot card meanings denote talents are coming to the surface, especially performing and artistic abilities. All kinds of creative pursuits are recommended. Page of cups indicates a time where creative people are influencing you and you might find that you are more emotionally charged than usual. Page of cups also shows up in your reading when you put yourself out there for the world to see so that you can achieve your creative ambitions. 

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  1. Elster dig February 4, 2017 at 5:37 am

    Hi Inger, i hoping you can shed some light in my reading? I asked what this current persons feelings were for me. He has clearly been fighting his feelings for being in a relationship. However recently I’ve been getting a lot of cups today I got the hierophant, King Coins, 5 wands, HP, 2 swords, temperance, Q Coins, 5 swords (him) world and page of cups as the outcome. My question is there a new romantic interest for me ?These cards are more optimistic than would normally be for him or has his feelings changed? I am under the impression that he does not want a relationship with anyone. We are indeed soul mates as I usually get the magician, lovers and the sun just never in the outcome position. What do you think? Ps he is younger than me by 13 years so a page as the outcome made ME wonder?

  2. Inger Bråthen February 7, 2017 at 10:45 pm

    Hi, Elster. Your cards indicate he loves freedom however, I feel like he is changing and he wants a new life for himself. I do feel like there is a timing issue that is blocking you from being together. This person needs to mature from page of cups to knight of cups. I feel like he will have financial success in about a year a half from now which will give him a lot of confidence, and this will make him feel more like a man. Page of cups can mean he currently feels a bit insecure about himself.

  3. Elster February 9, 2017 at 6:16 am

    Thank you so much!!! Funny enough I did a reading earlier this evening and the outcome Knight OF CUPS!! Still a lot of challenges 7 wands, king of wands , 9 wands and devil. It appears he is growing emotionally not sure if we can/ will be together as you say timing issues could be keeping us apart I’m ready but he clearly needs to grow. However your insight and honestly made my day thanks again!

  4. Lynne March 22, 2017 at 8:47 pm

    Hi Inger,

    There is a man that I want to be in a relationship with but don’t know how he feels or even if he would want a relationship with me or is already in one. I did a celtic cross and got 6 of pents, 4 of pent, 5 of cups, 2 of wands, 3 of wands, page of cups, wheel of fortune, ace of pents, 6 of wands and knight of cups. Im still learning so I turned over an extra two cards and got the five of swords and the lovers.

    I was hopeful of being with him until I got the extra two cards. Does it sound as though we will be together or does the five of swords and the lovers mean that he will either choose someone else or that there is someone else who is trying to keep us apart because she wants him for herself?

  5. Inger Bråthen March 23, 2017 at 9:20 am

    Knight of cups in the final outcome card could mean you will get to know this person as a friend, and you will end up getting to know this person over time. 5 of swords can mean that the timing is not yet right for you to be in a romantic relationship.

  6. Lynne March 23, 2017 at 7:17 pm

    Thankyou, we are slowly getting to know each other so that makes perfect sense.

  7. Erica April 5, 2017 at 5:17 am

    Hi Inger, I received page of cups seven of cups and queen of pentacles as a question as to my off and on relationship of what he intends or wants in his heart for this relationship and myself. The seven of cups next to the queen is throwing me off?

  8. Inger Bråthen April 6, 2017 at 10:39 am

    Seven of cups in a relationship can mean the seeker is unable to make up their mind if they want to be in a relationship again. Next to queen of pentacles it can mean he is a very independent person who doesn’t really want anything to change too much.

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