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nine of wands tarot card meanings 9 of wands tarot card

Nine of Wands Tarot Card Meanings and Keywords:


Standing your ground.

Finding your courage. 

Knowing what you believe in.

Protecting your family.

Finding out you are stronger than you could ever imagine.

Learning something new about yourself.

Never giving up.

Being suspicious of others.





Symbolism in Nine of Wands tarot card

The nine wands symbolise the beliefs and values that need to be protected by the seeker. The man holding the wand is injured and ready to fight symbolising strength and determination. The mountains in the background symbolise boundaries. His orange tunic symbolises domination and action. The man is standing on a yellow stage symbolising being on an intellectual high ground.

Nine of Wands tarot card and Astrology

Moon (High Priestess) in Sagittarius (Temperance).

Nine of wands tarot card meanings upright

Nine of wands in a general reading

Nine of Wands is the tarot card for strength, courage, resilience and endurance. Never give up and never surrender. Things might not turn out exactly as you wanted, but if you hang in there you will get something much better. You will also learn something new about yourself that is invaluable. Nine of wands tarot card often shows up when the Seeker is in the middle of a rapid learning curve.

Nine of wands in a love reading

In a love reading, Nine of wands tarot card denotes being in a stressful relationship, or the seeker is very protective of their relationship.

Nine of wands in a career reading

In a career reading Nine of wands tarot card signifies defending something such as careers in custom, defence, police or fire brigade. Nine of wands can denote a job with a lot of pressure and minimal support and the Seeker meets all demand with great ability. This card speaks of spurts of growth in careers.

Learn what Nine of wands tarot card means in the Grand Tableau. 

Personality types in Nine of Wands tarot cards

Nine of wands tarot card indicates someone with the boundless potential to achieve their goals and desires. They are often planning a significant move or are in the process of accomplishing a long-term goal. They are also very supportive of their children’s goals. They are very protective of their home and loved ones. This is someone who is optimistic about the future and will never give up. They will never surrender. They are patient and resilient, and in the long run, they always get what they want.

nine of wands tarot card meanings reversed 9 of wands tarot cardNine of wands tarot card meanings reversed

Nine of Wands reversed tarot card indicates weakness and stubbornness rather than strength and willpower. There is a waste of energy or lack of energy to save something. The seeker might not care enough about what they have built to save and stand by it, or they are holding their position out of stubbornness rather than because they really care about what they are defending. Doubts and fears that should have been dispelled remain. The obstacles might seem too big for the seeker to overcome. There is confusion, possibly even injuries to the head.

Personality types in reversed Nine of Wands tarot cards

Nine of wands tarot card reversed indicates someone with unorthodox views who often end up either alienating others or becoming alienated. They need to learn to get on with others and be more supportive of themselves and their children. They often give up before they try, and they don’t believe in themselves. Nine of wands reversed indicates someone who believes they have nothing left to lose and they are ready to walk away from whatever is going on in their lives. They have given up on defending their territory as they didn’t really want it in the first place.

Nine Of wands Tarot Card Combinations

Some important tarot card combinations including Nine of wands:

Nine of wands + The Empress: Being taken advantage of. 

Nine of wands + The Emperor: A responsible job/position. 

Nine of wands + Strength: A character building situation. 

Nine of wands + Justice: Fighting for the basics. Needing more security. 

Nine of wands + Death: Resisting change. 

Nine of wands + The Tower: Getting long awaited retribution.

Nine of wands + The Star: Telling the truth when no one else dares to. 

Nine of wands + Judgement: Facing the music. 

Nine of wands + Two of cups: Protecting your relationship. 

Nine of wands + Four of cups: Avoiding change. 

Nine of wands + Six of cups: A sheltered child(hood).

Nine of wands + Eight of cups: Protecting your dream. A secret life. 

Nine of wands + Ten of cups: Protecting your family. 

Nine of wands + King of cups: Fear of rejection. 

Nine of wands + Ace of pentacles: Physical exercise. 

Nine of wands + Two of pentacles: Physical work. 

Nine of wands + Four of pentacles: Pressure in business. 

Nine of wands + Eight of pentacles: A steep and rewarding learning curve. 

Nine of wands + Ten of pentacles: Protecting your family fortune. 

Nine of wands + King of pentacles: Protecting your money. 

Nine of wands + Ace of swords: Being persuaded. 

Nine of wands + Three of swords: Avoiding facts. Scared of the truth. 

Nine of wands + Nine of swords: Putting too much pressure on oneself to be perfect. 

Nine of wands + Page of swords: A strong and clever person. 

Nine of wands + Queen of swords: Protecting an organisation. 

Nine of wands + Two of wands: Over-skilled. Looking for better work conditions. 

Nine of wands + Three of wands: Spreading your wings to apply your talents. 

Nine of wands + Seven of wands: Being forced out of your comfort zone. 

Nine of wands + Ten of wands: Expecting too much of yourself. 

Nine of wands + Knight of wands: Avoiding a bad situation by moving. 

Nine of wands + Queen of wands: A strong competitor. 

Nine of wands + King of wands: Success in all undertakings. Ambition.

Nine of wands tarot card meanings summary

Nine of wands tarot card meanings denote protecting what your care most about. You are heavily invested in your life right now and you know how to handle almost any situation. This is the card for superheroes who work behind the scenes to make it easy for everyone else. It might not be the easiest of jobs, and you have come too far to throw it all away. No one can do the job as well as you. The Nine of wands tarot card speaks of the roles we were born to do. Sometimes the only reward is that you know you are making a difference.

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