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  1. Joh March 3, 2017 at 7:24 am

    Hi! Would love to get more info about this spread 🙂

    My “what are the chances” question was re: a future with a certain (amazing) person 🙂 I laid out a total of 10 cards now, (with Wheel of Fortune ending up as my first card!) I’m not entirely sure how to continue the reading… To clarify, is it something like:

    1st card (and 6th card) – 100% chance, AKA very very likely outcome/ probability.
    2nd card (and 7th) – 75% chance, AKA very likely.. etc.
    5th card (and 10th) – 0%, very unlikely, if not impossible.

    Then, the placement of the Wheel of Fortune is significant – could you help explain a little more in what way? Does it indicate the most likely course of action/ outcome? Is interpreting the WoF what’s also called for – or is it rather a marker?

    My spread turned out as so (with some attempts to interpret:) :

    1st card – Wheel of Fortune
    A strong (100%!) chance of “meeting your soul mate by chance. In relationships, the Wheel of fortune denotes a strong sense of destiny and bond between people”. (whoa?!)

    6th card – Justice
    Outcome depends on my dealings – whether I have shown “fairness and balance”? An unemotional card… Perhaps then, for a very strong likelihood that for a future with (Person), I’d have to be rational and fair? Or it’s a sort of “wild card” indication based on my effort? Justice: “You have as good a chance as anyone, and if you put the effort in you will most definitely reap the rewards”. Hmm. Now I read: “if the Seeker is single, Justice tarot card promises that the wait is almost over, just don’t settle for less than what you deserve”. So, a very strong chance that “the wait is almost over”?

    2nd – Page of Pentacles (reversed)
    Uh oh, bad news! Not a very positive card: “someone who feels deprived, unsuccessful and frustrated with the lack of support in their lives”. Immaturity, avoiding harshness of life, lack of communication ability yet wanting/ expecting to be understood… Or perhaps it’s positive in that the upright love meaning is “someone wants to be with you due to the way you look, not because of who you are”, in which could reversed be the opposite – to be with someone because of who they are? Alternatively, a strong likelihood of an “eternal student”?

    7th card – Ace of Pentacles
    Strong likelihood of receiving a new and fresh offer (a different person?! eek)? Perhaps, a strong likelihood of feeling secure based on good decisions made… If the Page was about not feeling supported, then the Ace steps in to say that there is a strong likelihood that soon the relationship will become more secure. Also, given (upright) Pentacles focuses on outer beauty and the Ace of pentacles denotes focusing on health and fitness to bring the Seeker love, perhaps it’s a sign that through health and beauty routines, positive changes are very likely to be brought about? (Final interesting comment; he is soon moving to a new country and the Ace reads: “They are more powerful together than what they are apart.” naww)

    3rd card – 9 of Swords
    50/50 chance that I/ we would feel lonely? That worry about the future would consume me? Lacking optimism… Given there are quite a lot of pentacles around, money matters could be a cause of anxiety… (In fact, I work for his company – perhaps related). “They crave order and comfort and are unable to cope if their security is threatened” (another “security” related card!).

    8th card – The Chariot
    50/50 chance of getting my way? Or perhaps, given the person in question is moving to a new country – it denotes travel of some kind – perhaps a 50/50 chance of myself moving too? The Chariots message “to be brave enough to move forward even in unknown territory” is an interesting contrast to the anxiety and worry of the 9 Swords.. Also, if the Chariot speaks of loving yourself first, and 9 Swords is about loneliness, perhaps this too is connected. So perhaps, a 50/50 chance that I would allow my anxiety about his travel to ruin things for our potential future?!

    4th Card – 2 of Cups
    25% chance that he is my other half? A deep spiritual love; a unique and special friendship; “two of cups tarot card denotes a deep friendship within the relationship”. (At least on my end, this reflects how I feel!)

    9th Card – 7 of Pentacles
    25% chance that “a vision that will pay off in the future?!”. And “security” again with this card! Gasped at this line:”If the Seeker is single Seven of pentacles can mean they are dissatisfied as singles but are doing little to change their situation.”

    5th Card – The World
    Okay, 0% chance of travelling to a new part of the world! Hmm. However as a side note, this is true: “If the Seeker is single the World can mean finding love with someone from a different country” 🙂

    10th Card – 4 of Pentacles
    Again “the need for security and recognition in your life”! 0% chance that money is a reason to stay together? Yea!

    Wow, this was waay longer than I expected to write! Hope it’s okay 😀 My Tarot journey has certainly been exciting thus far, and I can’t wait to learn more!

  2. Inger Bråthen March 3, 2017 at 7:29 am

    Hi, with the Wheel of fortune in the 1st position it denotes a high likelihood that you will be with this person in a relationship. Justice reinforces this, as Justice often shows up when something is yours by Divine right. The other cards are not so relevant. However, they can like you have interpreted, show you what is not an obstacle 🙂

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