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The Empress

The Empress tarot card

The traditional meaning of the Empress is Abundance. The Empress can also denote a pregnancy, being a mother, beauty, and a happy relationship.

Learn more about the Empress tarot card meanings here. 

The Empress in the Grand Tableau

Empress in Fool position: Having a baby. A beautiful baby. A beautiful child. New abundance.

Empress in Magician position: A magical beauty. Being skilled in the beauty industry. A model.

Empress in High Priestess position: A mother.

Empress in Empress position: Being very fertile. Being in the flow of abundance.

Empress in Emperor position: Equal rights. Being a woman in a man’s world.

Empress in Hierophant position: Getting married. A bride. A rich and abundant tradition/family.

Empress in Lovers position: A woman’s love. A sensual love relationship.

Empress in Chariot position: A successful mother. Flaunting one’s beauty. Getting noticed.

Empress in Strength: A passionate woman. The love for animals.

Empress in Hermit: A beautiful teacher. An abundance of knowledge.

Empress in Wheel of Fortune: A relationship that changes life for the better.

Empress in Justice: Finding one’s niche.

Empress in Hanged Man: Helping someone less fortunate.

Empress in Death: Children all grown up and leaving the nest. Career change.

Empress in Temperance: A beautiful home.

Empress in Devil: IVF.

Empress in Tower: Being punished for one’s beauty. Jealousy.

Empress in Star: A prosperous future. A wish coming true.

Empress in Moon: Being afraid of happiness. Grief.

Empress in Sun: A pregnant woman.

Empress in Judgement: An artist.

Empress in World: A beautiful confident person.

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