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It is often not the lack of understanding the tarot cards that stops a tarot reader in their tracks....It is using poorly adjusted tarot spreads. Get 55 (+ 1 bonus) Tarot spreads aimed at Empowering you in every way! Click on image to learn more.

The Tree of Life Spread

The Tree of Life Spread is ideal to look at a situation from all angles

Card 2 + 3 = The issue. Read the two cards together as a card combination.

Cards 7 + 10 = The Self

7 = your emotions

8 = your thinking

9 = your personality

10 = your body and possessions

Card 4 + 5 = Outside influences

4 = people or things to your advantage

5 = people or things blocking you

Cards 6 + 1

6 = advice, how best to proceed.

1 = spiritual aspects – What you are learning

Add an 11th card between 2/4 and 3/5.

11 = The most likely future the way you are going now.


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