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Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune Tarot card

The Traditional meaning of Wheel of Fortune tarot card is Destiny. Wheel of Fortune denotes expansion and a change for the better.

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Wheel of Fortune in the Grand Tableau

Wheel of Fortune in Fool position: New direction, new destiny. Beginners luck.

Wheel of Fortune in Magician position: Destiny in sales, media, getting noticed for one’s talents.

Wheel of Fortune in High Priestess position: Creating history. A famous woman.

Wheel of Fortune in Empress position: A destined pregnancy. An heiress. A very attractive person.

Wheel of Fortune in Emperor position: Destined to be self-employed. Destined to rule.

Wheel of Fortune in Hierophant position: A prestigious school or institution.

Wheel of Fortune in Lovers position: Soul Mates. Strong sense of destiny in a relationship.

Wheel of Fortune in Chariot position: Destined to travel.

Wheel of Fortune in Strength: Public recognition. An Award.

Wheel of Fortune in Hermit: Destined to teach.

Wheel of Fortune in Wheel of Fortune: Extreme luck. A big Win. Hitting the Jackpot.

Wheel of Fortune in Justice: Your divine timing. Luck in legal affairs.

Wheel of Fortune in Hanged Man: A fortunate break. A lucky innovation.

Wheel of Fortune in Death: An inheritance.

Wheel of Fortune in Temperance: Long term fortune, fortune in a far away place. Education.

Wheel of Fortune in Devil: A fortunate business deal.

Wheel of Fortune in Tower: Excelling in a competitive environment.

Wheel of Fortune in Star: Fame.

Wheel of Fortune in Moon: Affiliated system.

Wheel of Fortune in Sun: A child. Fortune found in a sunny location.

Wheel of Fortune in Judgement: Successful artist, renewal.

Wheel of Fortune in World: Graduating. Achieving a goal.

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