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Welcome to TarotWikipedia ~ Satisfy all your Tarot needs!

Hi, I am Ingie!
I am a tarot reader, tarot teacher, and artist. I live in Brisbane, Australia. I hope you enjoy this site.

Welcome to Tarotwikipedia. Tarotwikipedia is a free online tarot database that is growing with new tarot goodies regularily. 🙂

Recent Posts

How to make your own Oracle Cards

How to make your Own Oracle Cards Have you ever wanted to make your own Oracle deck, but you are not sure how to do it? Maybe you don't feel you have any [...]

The Lovers tarot card and declaring your love

The Lovers Tarot card and declaring your love Do it now: Declare your love! 6. Lovers: Love Valentine's day is here and no other card describes this day better than the Lovers tarot [...]

Thanksgiving Tarot Spread

Thanksgiving/Gratitude Tarot Spread Shuffle the cards and ask the cards about your Gratitude. When you are ready, cut the deck and lay out the cards using the Thanksgiving/Gratitude spread. Card 1. How grateful do I [...]

Tarot Combination Master Class

Master Tarot Combinations An Online Course Do you want to learn a system that can help you interpret any tarot combination? Start your free trial here Is it really possible to learn Every [...]

Tarot and Soulmates

Do you believe you can connect with your Soulmate before you even meet? ONLY $55.00 for full course access + Lifetime access to the Course! If you believe in Soulmates, then you [...]

Where in the World tarot spread

Where in the World (should I move, will I travel, is my soulmate etc) ~ Tarot Spread This is a tarot spread that uses the Synchronicity of the cards, and not the card [...]

This Week’s Tarot Deck Recommendations.  

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Tarot Illuminati Kit

Free Who is your Soulmate Reading using the Norse Gods and Goddesses deck

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How does he or she feel about you free reading using the Norse Gods and Goddesses deck

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Book Recommendation.

Are you in a relationship with a Psychopath? This book, written by Sandra L. Brown, is a must-read for anyone trapped in an abusive relationship. Even if the relationship ends, you might not be safe. Psychopaths rarely let their victims go without damaging them further. This book will explain why you were chosen by the psychopath, what traits you have that they look for, and why you stay or stayed.

women who love psychopath

This site aims at being the BEST Tarot reading resource online. Help me Help you Help yourself with the Tarot. To do this, I need your help. Let me know what you would like to learn, and I will create custom-made tutorials just for you. 🙂 Click here to participate in future blogs and webinars.

This site is updated regularly with new tarot reading goodies.

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