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About TarotWikipedia

TarotWikipedia is a huge, and still growing, tarot online database packed with information, and the best part is…IT’S 100 % FREE.

Here, you can learn how to interpret tarot card meanings, tarot card combinations, how to time events, how to predict appearance, tarot and career, tarot and health, how to interpret tarot court card, and MUCH more.

Not just can you learn about how to read the tarot, you can also learn about Numerology, Astrology, The Runes, and the Lenormand.

I also teach meditations, and how to incorporate the loving energy of Creator of all into your tarot readings.

I Belive there is only One way to Grow, and that is with LOVE (…and JOY!).

I give weekly free tarot webinar where I give you readings, and I answer all of your tarot questions. I especially love to help people interpret ‘difficult’ tarot combinations. Tarot combinations are a speciality of mine, and I teach people who want to be Professional tarot readers in ‘The Arrows’. 

The Arrows and Tarot Combination are the same thing, and the Arrows is a new technique or style of reading that make it a lot easier for the reader to interpret the card combinations.

My Passion is to teach you how you can have more of the GOOD stuff and less of the bad stuff.