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The Shape of your Fingernails in Palmistry

The shape of your nails can also tell a Palm reader about your personality and energy level.

Here is a guide to the shape of your nails in Palmistry.

Long Nails In Palmistry

long nails in palmistry

Long nails indicate someone who is reliable, affectionate, cautious and calm. Their energy level tends to be low.

Narrow Nails in Palmistry

Narrow nails in palmistry

Narrow nails indicate someone who is hard working, strong-willed, ambitious, and materialistic. They have to watch out not to burn out.

Short, Square Nails in Palmistry

Short and square Nails in palmistry

Short, square nails indicate someone funny, witty, smart, clever, argumentative, and jealous person. They tend to be very energetic.

Round Nails in Palmistry

Round Nails in palmistry

Round nails indicate a kind, placid, sensitive, and sensible person. They tend to be balanced and easy to get along with.

Shell shaped Nails in Palmistry

shell shaped nails in palmistry

Shell shaped Nails indicate a hot-tempered, competitive, ambitious person who needs to look after their energy levels. They tend to be prone to accidents and their energy levels need to be balanced.


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