King of swords as the final card in a tarot reading

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King of Swords is the Final Card in a Tarot reading

As all court cards, King of swords denotes both a person, a personality and a situation.

King of swords as the final card in a tarot reading denotes a stern authority figure. This card indicates power and ambition, as well as responsibilities. King of swords sometimes symbolises your reputation and your public persona. You are well prepared for the journey ahead. A very strong character is also at the heart of this matter, and this person might either be very important to you or you are intimidated by this person and want to cut all ties. Get all the facts and advice from professionals. King of swords shows up to tell you that even if things look bad, they are in reality not as bad as you think they are. King of swords is an indicator that there is a set procedure you can go ahead with and once you know the how to you can move forward with ease.

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In situations, this is a good omen that you will succeed, especially if you prepare. In fact, the more you prepare the better the outcome will be for you. This is a nonemotional card, so it is better to know your stuff then to rely on charm and luck to get through.

King of swords in a general reading:

As with all the swords court cards King of swords is a very work, career and duty oriented card. Life is only truly satisfying when you can use your expertise in the professional world. When you are learning you simply add onto the mountain of knowledge within you. This is how you reach for the stars. You ask a lot of people and you might have to lower your expectations a little so that you don’t end up being frequently disappointed in others. It can be hard for you to make friends as the mundane of everyday life doesn’t really interest you. People can quickly become boring to be around unless they are unique in some way. Then they might be able to keep you interested for a while. As all the other kings in the tarot deck, King of swords tends to put people on pedestals they later fall off of. They usually plunge down after you find out that they are mere humans full of mistakes and faults. When this happens you withdraw into the world you love, which is the intellectual world. This is where you feel safe. Having said that, you do love deeply, it is just hard to express it clearly which creates misunderstandings. There can be issues with loneliness.

Someone will come into your life that has the knowledge you are seeking. This is someone who is an expert in a field that will benefit you. The more you spend time with this person the more you will transform into what you need to be at this time. You are learning a lot about yourself in the process.

King of swords as the final card tells you that what you want is within your reach, all you have to do is to find the information to make it possible. This information is available to you. Once you have this information it changes everything for the better in your situation.

King of swords in career questions:

King of swords is an intellectual authority figure who often symbolises chefs, lawyers, judges, doctors, surgeons, and pilots. King of swords is an indicator that you are on the right path in your career. You need to feel stimulated at work and you need to be able to identify yourself with what you do. King of swords is here to tell you that your preparations will pay off in a big way.

King of swords in a love question:

In love King of swords denotes someone very serious about love, and they play by the rules. They have a lot to offer you and they ask for a big return. They need to know that you will be there, even if they will be absent for much of the relationship. King of swords can denote a long distance relationship where you will be communicating through emails, phone, and Skype, and fly/drive long distances to see each other.

King of swords reversed:

King of Swords reversed indicates someone who will manipulate facts to get their own ways. There is a block when it comes to integrity and objectivity. This is someone opinionated and biased. New ideas get mocked and censored. This card sometimes shows up reversed when the seeker is holding back truths they should be sharing. There is an ignorance to this card when it shows up reversed, and the person might even be tyrannical and abusive, especially verbally. King of swords often shows up reversed when someone’s reputation is being ruined, or worse, someone has an excellent public reputation but is cruel behind closed doors.

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