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Numerology Life Path Bonus Example ~ Real Reading

As part of the Star Crossed Lovers Synastry Reports, you will also receive a custom Numerology Life Path Bonus between you and your love interest. Below is a real example of a Numerology Life Path Reading Bonus (names changed for privacy reasons).

X, you are a 9 life path. You are also born on a 9 day, (27=2+7=9), and you have a 6 attitude number. All of your numbers in your birth chart are naturally matched, meaning what you see is what you get. 9 is the number for the old soul and humanitarian. This is the highest number in numerology and 9 life paths often reach their highest potential. As children, they were wise beyond their years. They can sometimes get stuck thinking about the past. They become very protective parents. 9 is a very creative number. 9 do well in leadership jobs, as well as creative careers. 9 life paths often make great dancers, speakers, and entertainers. 9 life path people give a vibe of knowingness. People often turn to them for help. 9 life paths often carry some abandonment from your original family. In your numerology grid, you have the Arrow of Determination, and this Arrow gives you the strength of character to achieve your goals. You also have a double 6 in your numerology grid which gives you a great balance between your creative and logical brain, and you will be able to focus your mind and use your mind in a very positive way. Once you put your mind to something, you will focus until you have achieved it. In love, you might sacrifice a lot for those you care about. You are a very loyal person and you will stick by someone through thick and thin, in both good times and in bad.

In love, your best matches are the life path numbers: 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, and 9.

Y is a 2 life path. 2 life paths are sensitive, diplomatic, and caring people. They often experience déjà vu and other psychic phenomena. When they say they love someone they really mean it. They do best in 2(pairs) and when they get angry they can turn into the terrible 2s. 2 life path people are easy to fall in love with. They do enjoy relationships and they make excellent friends. They are happiest when they have lots of friends around them and they are often excellent listeners and caregivers. Sometimes they get discontented and they prefer it if others can be the strong one. Y is born on a 3 day (21=2+1=3) and also has a 3 attitude number. 3 is also a very sensitive and psychic number, as well as being the number for the communicator. They enjoy fun communication and his double 3 gives Y a fun personality. People with double 3 in their numerology often get known for their eyes, smile, and voice, and a lot of charisma. In numerology, Y is someone who needs special love as he could be dealing with a lack of self-love issues, and he could end up needing you for a lot of emotional support.

In numerology, you are compatible. 9 and 2 in a relationship can be a strong union, especially when you can care about something together, be it a child, a project, or a creative venture.

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