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Find out if you are Star-Crossed Lovers with your very own Synastry report.

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Today we will be touching a little bit on synastry, which is the branch of astrology that deals with how compatible two people are in love and relationships. Syn means with or together, while astry means stars, hence the way two people’s planets and energies align with each other, making the relationship healthy or unhealthy.

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You might have heard of the term star-crossed lovers—synastry is the metaphysical science of comparing two people’s birth charts or horoscopes, explaining why some are very passionate and dramatic, and burn out, while other relationships are passionate, caring, harmonious and long-lasting.  Synastry can help you better understand if you and your partner or potential partner are on the same wavelength as far as goals, be it business, family, financial, and most importantly where emotional and spiritual well-being is concerned.

Every astrologer has their own feelings about how to interpret the synastry between two people, but a good starting point is to always look at each couples moon in the chart. As a rule of thumb, it is always good to see if the two people share harmonious moons. So for example, if both moons are in the same element or share the same astrological signs then this is a good indication of compatibility. Another good indication for compatibility is if the moons are in friendly elements such as in fire and air or water and earth, et cetera.

To order your own synastry report, you will need to enter your DOB, time of birth, and place of birth of both yourself and the other person. Synastry reports are only $9.99 and will be delivered to your email within 24 hours. You will also receive a Bonus Numerology Life Path Report between you and the other person. (see an example Numerology life path bonus from a real reading here).

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