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The Shape of your Hands in Palmistry

Learn more about the shape of your fingers in Palmistry here. 

The shape of your hands, fingers, and thumbs are all important in Palmistry. The hand shape can tell you if the person is driven by logic or emotions, if they are intuitive, practical, observant, etc. There is a difference in your dominant hand and non-dominant hand. Your dominant hand is the one you write with. This hand can be very different from your non-dominant hand. Your non-dominant hand is also called the intuitive hand. The non-dominant hand shows you what potential you are born with while the dominant hand shows you what you do with this potential. You could have creative talents showing up in your non-dominant hand, however, if you don’t develop your creative skills, the creative signs will not show up so strongly in your dominant hand. The reverse is also true. You could be developing your creative skills beyond any talent you were ever born with. The Square and knotted Hand

The Square hand in Palmistry.

The square hand is when the base of the fingers and the fingertips are equal in width. These hands belong to people who are very practical and down to earth, hard working, and honest. They have a realistic approach to life and are often very resourceful. They prefer to stick to proven strategies as they are reluctant to take risks in life. They don’t like detours. They often have a very good business sense.

The Knotted hand in Palmistry

The knotted hand belong to the intellectuals and philosophical personalities. They are often very reflective and sometimes enjoy to observe life more than actually participate in it. They are very cerebral people and make very interesting conversation partners. They love learning and make excellent teachers. They enjoy nature and tranquility, and they often escape into their intellectual and/or creative world of ideas.

The Spatulate and pointed Hand

The Spatulate Hand in Palmistry

The Spatulate hand is wide at the fingertips and narrow at the wrist. This is the hand of the adventurer. People with this hand shape wants challenges, and they can also be very confrontational. They are energetic and motivated, and their minds are always in exploration mode.

The Pointed Hand in Palmistry

This hand is known as the Psychic hand, and people with this hand are very intuitive. The fingers are long and delicate. These hands indicate someone who is highly sensitive and who are very empathic towards others. They often fall in love easily and they don’t like confrontations. They often have many creative as well as spiritual gifts.

The Conic Hand

The Conic Hand in Palmistry

The Conic hand is feminine and denote a gentle, sensitive, and creative nature. These hands belong to optimistic and peace-loving people, and they are often very kind and lovable. They are very caring people and they often need a stable and spiritual life partner by their side. They don’t like being on their own.

The Mixed Hand in Palmistry

The Mixed hand in palmistry is harder to define. They can have a mix of the 5 main types of hand shapes described above. For example, long fingers and square palm. Mixed hands are a blend of personalities within the person. Long fingers indicate creative and sensitive nature, and on a square palm, these artistic abilities are intertwined with a very practical, down to earth mind. People with mixed hands often have a different perspective on life and have many interesting life experiences.

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