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What is Palmistry?

Palmistry has been a very popular method of fortune telling ever since ancient Hindus where it is believed to have originated. Hand types, lines, mounts and other markings found on the palms are telling a story. These markings can tell you about your talents, experiences, and live’s highs and lows, as well as warnings what to avoid. Well defined lines can indicate positive and harmonious energies operating in the Seeker’s life. A week and/or broken lines can indicate setbacks, disadvantages, and confusion.

The main lines in your hand are the life line, heart line, and head line. These are like the main highways. The minor lines are the marriage line, fate line, health line, travel line and girdle of venus are like paths connecting everything together. They are accessible to those who wish to explore the further. The fingers are traffic signs. They signal your ability to handle different situations that could occur in your life as well as telling you about specific attributes that can be used to your advantage. Mounts signify positive energy that comes from planetary influences. The mounts of Jupiter, Saturn, Apollo, Mercury, Venus, Neptune, Mars, and the Moon denote opportunities that will be available to the Seeker, and also personality traits and talents that can really benefit the Seeker throughout life.

Markings on the palm such as crosses, stars, forks, grids, chains, islands, and dots are all signs of either of good fortune or a warning where the Seeker must be careful. It is important not to misread these signs as it can cause unnecessary distress to the Seeker. For example, on misconception is that a short life line can mean a short life. The truth is, many who died young had a long life line, and many with a long life had a short life line. There are far more details that must be examined to determine the length of one’s life, and this might not even be possible to ever predict accurately. Reading the palm is more a study of life, and the more you look, the more you see.

The Importance of Hand Shape in Palmistry

The first thing to look at when doing Palmistry is the shape of your hands. Learn more about the Shape of your hands in Palmistry here.

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