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What Does the Birth Chart of your Relationship Say?

Written by Sean Sky

Previously we spoke about synastry, which is when you take the birth charts of two people and compare them to see how compatible they might be in a relationship. The synastry chart describes the chemistry between the two people. Through the art of synastry one can see the strengths as well as any potential pain points in the relationship. But what if you could take the relationship itself and in some sense cast a birth chart for it—this is the art of the composite chart.

See an example Composite Chart here. 

When two people enter into a relationship together then in a sense their auras or subtle spiritual energy/subtle magnetic fields merge and thoughts and feelings combine to form a certain kind of synergy developed between the two, thus in some sense creating another separate person. What kind of person would this relationship be? What kinds of thoughts, feelings, and emotions does/will this relationship be likely to produce? This is what the composite chart seeks to answer. Basically, we look at the relationship itself as a separate entity or individual and cast a natal chart for it – that’s the basic concept when one casts a composite chart to get insight into any potential relationship, whatever sort of relationship it may be.

A Composite chart is the birth chart of the relationship

Now that you know that the composite chart is a natal chart of the relationship itself, how do you cast it? The composite chart is composed by mathematically calculating the midpoint between the pairs of planets and other important factors in the two natal charts. So for example, you look at the two natal charts in question and you find the midpoint between the two suns, that is the composite sun is the midpoint of the two suns, the composite moon is the midpoint of the two moons, and the composite Jupiter is the midpoint of the two Jupiter’s, et cetera.

Well what is the midpoint—good question. The midpoint is a point in the zodiac which is equidistant from two other points, such as the planets, et cetera. And although this is a very basic explanation and many other details are taken into consideration, by taking the midpoints of the planets, the composite chart can be cast, allowing further analysis of the relationship in question. More on this Later.

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