Your Fingers in Palmistry

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What does the shape of your fingers mean in Palmistry?

Your fingers tell you about your talents, skills, and energy level, and each finger is divided into three sections; the phalanges. The top phalange represents your thoughts, your middle phalange represents your willpower, and the bottom phalange represents your action.

Fingers and knuckles

Thick, short fingers denote impatience and rash personality. They can be a bit insensitive, and sometimes they are too honest.

Thin fingers denote people who are logical, sensitive, and also very diplomatic.

Knuckles who are bumpy or uneven indicate someone with a very cautious personality.

A knotted middle knuckle signifies an orderly mind who uses a lot of logic in decision making.

The Fingers in Palmistry

Each finger is connected to the planets Jupiter, Saturn, Apollo, and Mercury.

The Jupiter Finger

The Jupiter finger is the index finger and is associated with religion, education, leadership, and politics. A long Jupiter finger denotes a very independent, spiritual, often well educated, and strong willed person. A short Jupiter finger denotes someone who lacks confidence in themselves.

The Saturn Finger

The Saturn finger is the middle finger and it is associated with the practical, mundane, and materialistic side to life. A long Saturn finger denotes someone serious, studious, and with a strong ability to concentrate over a long period of time. A short Saturn finger denotes a person who is prepared to take risks and challenges, especially in business.

The Apollo Finger

The Apollo finger is the third (the ring) finger and it is associated with growth, expansion, fame, and fortune. A long Apollo finger denotes someone who enjoys peace, harmony, and family. They are approachable, friendly, social, and energetic. This is someone who loves beauty and art. A short Apollo finger denotes someone who is sometimes a bit selfish and insecure. This is someone who might seek a lot of reassurance from their partners and they can be jealous in personal relationships.

The Mercury Finger

The Mercury finger is the little pinky finger and it is associated with communication, medicine, and humanitarian interests. A long Mercury finger denotes someone with great communication skills and also a very curious mind. This is someone with a talent for public speaking. A short Mercury finger denotes shyness and someone who is reserved, sometimes lacking in confidence. This is someone more introverted in comparison to someone with a long Mercury finger.

The Thumb in Palmistry

A high set thumb with an angle of about 45 degrees indicates someone who is cautious and emotionally restricted in personal relationships. A low set thumb has an angle of about 90 degrees indicates someone who is adventurous, impulsive, and enthusiastic, and they are often very open emotionally.

A square top thumb denotes someone who is very dependable and hard working.

A conic top thumb denotes someone who is easygoing, kind, and gentle.

A shell shape top thumb denotes someone who is hard working, ambitious, creative, and practical.

A round top thumb denotes someone who has a well round personality, who can control their emotions and feel in charge of their own destiny.

A flat top thumb denotes someone who lacks energy and they can be manipulative.

A pointed top thumb denotes someone who needs to be loved and they can be too eager to receive love and appreiciation.

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